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East Africa E-Tourism 2014 conference experience

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes I arrived at Nairobi airport greeted by bright yellow walls and friendly customs attendants shouting ‘Jambo, Jambo’. I reminisced on my Kenya trip 9 years ago when we installed ResRequest at Governors’ Camps. At the time our greatest challenge was the modem dial up contending with at least 4 other voices […]

CRM: Using ResRequest to care for your customer

So you know that caring for your customer is the secret to a successful sales pipeline and it all seems easy when you lean back in your chair conjuring up puffy pink clouds with dollar signs, happy tourists blabbing on Facebook, and shareholders clapping you on the back. A pretty picture, until you realise how […]

Customer management: ResRequest starter pack

Communication with your customers is critical to the success of your business. With ResRequest you can setup and report on your customer histories, profiles and events. To communicate effectively with your customers, it is important to understand their preferences, and your history together. This requires recording and tracking information before, during and after the sales […]

Technology trends in tourism

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes A few weeks ago I consciously unplugged from the matrix to join this year’s e-Tourism Summit. It felt great to be unplugged. I actually watched the air hostess mechanically deliver her flight-crash-pitch – which reminded me to quickly sneak in a 5 minute Google to confirm if there would be any […]

The 6th Annual E-Tourism Africa Summit in Cape Town | ‘Be smart, be real, be bold’

The 6th Annual E-Tourism Africa Summit, sponsored by South African Tourism, brought together all the brightest and the best to share ways of harnessing digital technology and social media to grow the tourism industry. This year’s event, which took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on the 9th and 10th of September, attracted […]

Can online payments work for lodges?

Online Credit Card Payments In the past lodges have shied away from online payments citing concerns from “my customer will not understand complex travel logistics”, to concerns like “online payments will take away the personal contact with my customer”, and even “online bookings will create an unrealistic travel expectation”. These concerns are valid and should […]

Online travel channel sales a success!

Those that have been hard at work investing the resources and effort to implement online sales channels have reported sales success! In a relatively short time ResRequest properties have reported that online sales channels have added impressive revenue cream every business owner dreams of. With internet penetration increasing and customers taking to the web, building […]

ResRequest interface | point of sale and stock control

Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage stock reordering? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A Point of Sale system with Stock Control is the answer. ResRequest clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs. Historically Point of […]

Online connections | What’s available?

Reaping the benefits of online booking channels sounds appealing until you hit the Google search button. The vast volume of results leave most people feeling intimidated or exhausted before they even click ‘Next’.  As the online inventory and availability distribution hub, ResRequest plays a key role in working with our channel and technology partners and […]