Learn online with a simple click

Knowing your ResRequest system well is key to effectively running your business and departments. We want to give you great tools and the opportunity to upskill yourself on ResRequest. Use our new ResRequest support website to learn about the system in your own time or refer to it whenever you have a question. We’re adding […]

The year we got ResFit

At ResRequest, we love challenging people to grow and develop their passions. We believe that by looking after yourself, you can look after others. This year we started ResFit, our corporate wellness programme. ResFit is about being active in the community, on the sports field, in the office and as a team. We incentivised the […]

2017 reflections

It’s been a busy year. Here is what we’ve been up to! Movements We exhibited and attended a record number of trade shows in 2017 – WTM Africa, Cape Town Indaba, Durban. Our sales team then toured Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania and attended the Sanganai Tourism Expo, Magical Kenya Travel Expo and the Swahili International Tourism Expo. They were […]

Electronic connections to specialist agents

Imagine working with an online travel agent who understands how African lodges work. Someone who specialises in attracting customers who want your African experience. Someone who understands how your transfers and extras work and who can sell your beds, without you having to do anything! Many of Africa’s top booking agents and safari specialists are investing in development to be able to link to ResRequest via our ResConnect product. Allowing them to easily check availability, […]

Exploring Africa

Our sales team recently returned from a month-long roadshow to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania to attend tourism expos and visit customers. Snippets of their journey were shared on social media but we wanted to share the full low-down. Zimbabwe was first up where Ntando joined Mike for this leg of the trip. The Amalinda Collection […]

Statutory fields to meet new regulations

Every country has its own statutory regulations on the display of statutory information on financial documents and sometimes it even differs regionally. The variation can be both in the number of statutory fields required and in their naming. The statutory details also have to be presented for both the invoicing unit issuing the document and […]

Replace duplicate contacts

Duplicate contacts may seem like a small issue but they can mean double trouble for your business processes. Contacts are used to identify your Agents, Guests, Suppliers and Tour Operators and these are linked to your reservations in the relevant areas. This is important for your reports and CRM management. If you have duplicate contacts, […]

Catch up on the Connections Webinar

If you missed our webinar on connections – we’ve written up this blog to share the details, Q&A and upload the presentation slides and audio recording. We have separated the presentation visuals and sound for ease of following due to the live technical glitches and delays.  Presentation slides Audio recording The panel of speakers begins […]

ResNova website plugin just got better!

ResNova, our website booking plugin, has had a facelift. That’s right – we’ve released some enhancements so you have even more display options when it comes to this nifty availability and booking tool. The ResNova plugin enables properties that use ResRequest to embed availability and rates anywhere on their website. This availability and these rates can be […]

Digitlab Digital Marketing Trends workshop

Have you ever thought about how certain adverts appear in your social media feed or why Youtube has so many video adverts? These are all signs of the current digital marketing trends. Members of our marketing team attended a workshop hosted by Digitlab. With a focus on digital storytelling and digital marketing, the event kicked […]

ResRequest at INDABA 2017

INDABA is one of the largest tourism trade shows in Africa. It showcases the widest variety of Africa’s best tourism products and attracts international buyers and media from across the world.   Mike Coppinger, Jill Bennett-Howes, Natasha Bame and Ntando Bhengu represented ResRequest this year at the tradeshow and exhibited in the shared SATSA stand. […]

ResRequest goes Google

SEO, SEM, CPC, CTR. Foreign speak? Not any more thanks to the Google Digital Skills workshop. We attended a workshop hosted by Google as part of their mission to provide digital skills to schools, communities and small businesses to get them online. The session started with a few words from the South African Minister of […]

WTM 2017

The 2017 World Travel Market Africa (WTM) was held at the Cape Town ICC. Since its inception in 2014, the show has seen constant growth and attendance. ResRequest was represented by Jill and Ntando. For newbie Ntando, who had just joined the team, it proved to be an insightful introduction to the travel industry and […]

Password choices

How many times a day are you asked for your password? We have so many passwords that it’s hard to remember them all, albeit impossible. It sometimes seems simpler to have the same password across multiple sites, or to create an easy to remember password. However, password hacking is an increasingly common and dangerous threat. […]

ResRequest and Expedia are now connected

We have some exciting news! Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company, now has a connection to ResRequest. ResRequest is constantly improving its product and connectivity between suppliers and buyers is a strategic focus. With our new Expedia connection, properties using ResRequest to manage their reservations can now connect directly to Expedia without a channel manager.    Connections allow […]

Explore the online travel space with Stride Travel

Jared Alster- Stride TravGrowing a travel business in today’s environment is challenging. Travelers have more choice than ever when it comes to booking a tour, safari or adventure vacation and the internet and social media has delivered huge amounts of travel-related content direct to consumers. But how does a tour operator ensure that their brand […]

Blocked pop-ups blocking ResRequest?

Have you ever landed on a web page and a pop-up immediately blocks the web page content? Pop-ups are usually blocked on web browsers because they’re generally advertisements but in ResRequest, pop-ups are menus and entry screens because ResRequest works off a pop-up based web interface. If pop-ups are blocked on your browser, you might […]

Rhinos Without Borders

Anna Rathmann: Great Plains Foundation Have you ever seen a rhino fly? Well, we at the Great Plains Foundation have. And our goal is to see 100 rhinos fly. In 2014, Great Plains Conservation partnered with fellow conservation-minded safari company, &Beyond, to embark on one of the most ambitious rhino conservation projects to date: Rhinos […]

Clean it up

You’ve probably heard of plain text and rich text but do you know the difference and the effects of each one? In ResRequest, many modules use plain text to sort and store information and so making sure your information is in plain text is important.   What does it mean when we say rich text? […]

Step up your server

The saying ‘change is inevitable’ is certainly applicable in the technology sector. This is a positive change as we have new products to solve problems, improve online storage and facilitate tracking. As with most new technologies, however, there are often unforeseen consequences.   This is true for servers. Servers are the core of ResRequest’s productivity. […]

2016 in review

Here’s a short summary of our year and what we got up to. Movements We attended a record number of shows and conferences this year. Connecting with many of our power users and business partners, as well as new prospects. In conjunction with our integration partners, Direct Pay Online and Expedia, we hosted a workshop […]

Superhero stack

Every super team needs ‘superfood’ This year Santa sent us a super sweet Christmas treat of waffle makers to ensure regular waffle parties to keep our energy levels up. These crispy golden-brown delights are a hit with our cake-loving team. In the spirit of ResRequest, meet our extra special toppings that make our waffle out of […]

ResRequest and Horseplay

As 2016 draws to a close, the ResRequest team embarked on their annual team build. The location was kept a secret and anticipation was noticeable. Horseplay in the Dargle Valley was the location of the 2016 team build. This innovative programme uses horses to demonstrate the need for effective communication as the horses will not […]

How a 24 year old started a $70,000-a-month online business and travels the world

Written by Tanza Loudenback Aileen Adalid entered the corporate world at age 19 after graduating from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, with a degree in business management and had a combined year of training experience under her belt at huge multinational companies like Nestlé, Unilever, and Siemens. But the trilingual Philippines native quickly grew envious of […]

Will daylight savings time affect my ResRequest?

Daylight saving time (DST) or summer time is when people adjust their clocks forward by one hour during the summer months so that evening daylight time lasts an hour longer. DST is particularly prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere where the summer days are long and winter days are short. DST allows people to make the […]

Saving the environment with an app

Written by Emmanuelle Landais Hunched over her laptop, eyes locked on the screen, Marième Seye listens to the step-by-step instructions given by her teacher. The 18-year-old isn’t studying maths or history, however. With 24 other Senegalese students, she is learning to develop a mobile app to raise awareness about the environment. In small groups, the […]

Your online presence and ResRequest web pages

Written by Jennifer Coppinger What is the value of having a great website? Having a website is no longer optional. Having a positive online presence through a website and social media platforms has become essential for almost every business and service. The quality of these sites and platforms is constantly evolving in the up-beat and competitive digital […]

How bees, elephants and farmers are keeping each other safe in a genius way

By Laura Caseley Farming is hard work, but being a farmer in places such as Kenya, Botswana and Sri Lanka has a unique challenge that other areas of the world don’t have: elephants! Wild elephants, whose natural behaviour is to roam, have been known to march through crop fields and causing damage to, or even […]

e-Commerce Strategy

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes Online selling is a very exciting area to add to your sales strategy. We’ve seen many of our customers celebrate increased profits when they implement and manage an effective online strategy. Key elements for your eCommerce strategy Each element will need effort from your team to prepare the strategy, implement, maintain and review it – […]

Backing up

Backing up your data Technology and data, and free access to both, has become a vital part of everyday business running procedures. People still overlook the importance of backing up their data, making sure that in case of an unfortunate event, they will not lose valuable information. We have a backup policy for our online […]

Proactive Reservations | Managing your reservations & maximising your channels

What do you do if your establishment is too small to rent or manage a reservation software solution? Have a look at Proactive Reservations has to offer… Proactive Reservations have years of combined international and local experience in various hospitality and tourism positions and offer in depth knowledge of all aspects of front office, hotel reservations and tour operating. Their team members […]

What are connections?

To be competitive in an increasingly online and automated space, Safari Agents and Tour Operators have implemented software applications that manage their business needs. A software application is the first part of their solution, the second part is electronic access to your system (to view rates and availability and make bookings) so they can prepare quotes and book […]

More exposure on Airbnb

Airbnb shares how you can get more exposure for your property by listing it on airbnb.com. More than 80 million people have travelled on Airbnb so listing your property gives you access to a broad base of customers who love to travel. It is free to list and Airbnb only charges a 3% commission. About Airbnb Founded in August […]

Changes that impact your email

At the end of February we received notification from our email provider, Mandrill, that they would be moving to a more secure method of emailing which would require verification of email senders when sending mail via their web service. The change is in line with a global move to reduce SPAM and have resulted in a new […]

rainmaker | Google 360° virtual tour

rainmaker is the accredited Google Street View Trusted Agency in Africa, bringing you all of the new features and benefits of the Google Travel Services. This will significantly improve your direct booking conversions, digital presence ranking and, thus, your revenue, average daily rate and occupancy. Providing stunning rainmaker VISTA 360° Virtual Reality Tours (powered by […]

See, Sample, Sow – How you can benefit from ResRequest on-site

We turned off the tar road from Karen and went through a security gate which allowed us passage into the Nairobi National Park. Our bumpy progress was soon brought to a halt as a uniformed orphan keeper crossed the road with a four month old giraffe in tow. A short distance further we passed Max, […]

Rates | price right and save

Contact our Call Centre to schedule your rates setup with us today Many Clients issue next year’s rates around Indaba. Should you require assistance to load your rates onto your system, then please send them to us as soon as they are finalised to avoid any delay. On that note… When setting your Rates there are some […]

Tour Radar | Booking tours made easy

Want to sell your own tours? TourRadar, the web and mobile marketplace for group travel has launched a payment and messaging platform connecting small/medium sized tour operators with customers. Now with 20,000 bookable multi day tours TourRadar boasts the largest unbiased selection on the web. Adventure travel news Specialising in multi day tours, particularly 7-10 […]

Centricity | Guest Surveys, Online Reputation Management, Image Library

Centricity provides three separate solutions to the hospitality industry – Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Online Reputation Management and an Image Library solution.  Through an integration with ResRequest you can automate the sending of post-stay guest surveys and receive high quality guest feedback and comments in real time. In addition to guest surveys, Centricity also help hotels to monitor and […]

Periscope | The world through someone else’s eyes

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes Cool advancing tech For two years the theme at tourism and social media conferences is clear – the world wants to watch videos. Come to think of it probably 15% of my week is spent watching videos on my YouTube channel and my Twitter and Facebook feeds! With video being the […]

Love your agent

One of the major advantages of moving away from an excel booking sheet and onto a central reservations system as sophisticated as ResRequest is that you can leverage your availability to increase sales. We know that the online realm can be a little bit alarming – and knowing how much access to give and to […]

The Giant Flag

We’ve got behind a creative initiative with monumental potential which we will follow and share with great interest. We became a part of the flag by picking to plant red hot blooded desert roses aka the Fire Barrel. The Giant Flag is a legacy project of vast proportions, a celebration of the spirit of South Africa […]

On safari in the Congo

Written by: Carrie Hampton alias the SAFARI TART! Seasoned travellers will be interested in the Odzala Discovery Camps in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park of the remote north of the Republic of Congo’s river basin. It’s the world’s second largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon, and one of the earth’s largest lungs, playing an essential role in global climate control. The region has been a National […]

Star Wars characters renamed

Every year we pick a creative way to highlight and celebrate the team. Since many of our geeks are Star Wars fans and with the release of the latest film, Jill cast our team. Check out our motley crew’s profiles. If you want to know what we really look like – visit our team page.

Our growing team

We are thrilled to share about the newly appointed members to our growing team. This year we welcomed six new staffers to our family. Jen Coppinger is contributing to user interface graphics, user guide material and social media. Alex Moore strengthens the call centre by assisting with data capture, while Angie Geringer supervises product support. […]

How to get guests in your bed – a strategic guide to get more bookings

Written by Mqondisi Gumede, Man and Machine One of the difficulties of marketing in travel is that it is a very large place that boasts an incredible array of beauty. It is a never ending pageant of scenery, culture, beauty, culinary delight, diverse experiences and accommodation establishments at their best décor and service. In such a situation, most hoteliers […]

Working with specials

Written by Paula Chaplin Offering discounts is a practise many of our customers use to ramp up sales. When you implement a discount strategy, it’s important to ask yourself strategic questions like: How will this affect my profit margins? What are my competitors doing? Are there options for promoting sales before we reduce price? It’s […]

E-tourism Africa summit takeaways

Written by Paula Chaplin I was blown away by the standard of the recent eTAS conference I attended. The presentations were incredibly interesting and I learned an enormous amount about social media and the new frontiers of marketing and travel. As far as our clients are concerned – this is what you would have heard… Some of […]

The Twitter consumer

Twitter is an everyday activity – 61% of users visit Twitter everyday & more than 2 in 5 engage several times a day. Mobile is at the heart of Twitter – 85% use a mobile device (phone and/or tablet) to access Twitter. 79%, of whom, state that mobile devices are the primary way they access Twitter. Followers are part […]

A work of love

The AWOL Team Belinda Blakeman our call centre manager, takes leave every year to help run a local annual event called AWOL (A Work Of Love) ‪#‎aworkoflove2015‬ . Approximately 200 teenagers attend a camp in Empangeni – coming together to build relationships as well as receive practical and spiritual input to equip them for life. They also share God’s […]

Your management checklist

Written by Paula Chaplin How you track your business is dependent on how your systems are set up, what your processes are, and how you structure your roles and responsibilities. Even with these being unique to each of our customers, there are still basic checks you could be working with to help manage your business […]

Zambia bike safari

Written by Mike Coppinger One of the privileges of my job is that I get to travel around Africa. Often when I’m soaring through clear skies I gaze down on vast wilderness expanses and imagine traversing those territories by foot. In July 2015 I had an opportunity to turn those dreams into reality. Better than […]

SATSA conference highlights

Written by Natasha Bame I had the privilege this year to attend the annual SATSA conference which was hosted at the Fancourt hotel in George. It was an ideal opportunity to get to know our partners and other tour operators personally, putting names to faces and building the relationships. Also, it was a great space to meet all […]

Phone a friend…FAQs

Written by Angie Geringer As the call centre inbox supervisor I process and respond to many of the incoming support requests. The 3 most common questions have to do with clearing caches, user access permissions and reports. We aspire to help our users manage their ResRequest system efficiently. It can be extremely daunting trying to interpret loads of technical jargon – […]

Jen Packs-for-a-Purpose

Many lodges and camps are linked to the great initiative, Pack for a Purpose, which helps travellers to give practically to the surrounding communities, when they go on safari. When we have opportunities to travel to areas that are in need, we jump at the chance to fill our bags with useful things for those communities. Jen, a member […]

‘Jack and the bean sprout’ | explaining electronic connections

Written by Alex Moore For the non techy ‘Jacks’ amongst us, it’s not so easy to get our heads around how electronic connections work and we definitely don’t want to be left behind in this fast moving online world. To try and explain the concept for those who unfamiliar with tech terms, we have drawn […]

Drumming our hearts out

Twice a year our team gets the opportunity to gather for departmental reviews and a team building activity. Having two offices and a couple of staffers working remotely, it’s an invaluable time to spend together. This May after a couple of newbies had recently joined, we held our AGM and rounded this time off with a drumming session […]

Centauri announcements

We want to keep giving you a great product…Here’s our very latest features and updates. A new online booking plugin for your website We are super excited to release an online booking plugin for your website, ResNova. ResNova is a customisable booking plugin that feeds your availability from ResRequest to your website. We’ve developed two versions of ResNova […]

Quick tips & tricks

Go back! We spend a lot of our day moving from a contact record, to availability, to rooming then back to the contact record. It didn’t take long before we realised, we wanted to do it much, much faster, so our team magic’ed up a quick way to go back to the last contact, reservation or […]

See your business clearly

Written by Paula Chaplin This is the time of year you start looking forward and trying to gauge what the year ahead will bring. If you happen to be in a region beset by issues (perceived or real) negatively impacting tourism (terrorism, ebola, government unrest etc) – this is probably quite a trying exercise. Unfortunately […]

Online tutorials launched

We’re excited about the launch of our online tutorials. Our objective is to make it even easier to learn how to use ResRequest and to give you a tool to sharpen your skills anytime! Here are some key tutorials for your reservations and marketing teams: Moving around ResRequest. Learn how to make a booking in 4 easy steps. Find […]

Why WordPress is so popular for websites?

Written by LightSpeed What is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source Website Content Management System (CMS). Let’s understand the meaning and advantages of a CMS, before we dig deeper into the benefits of WordPress,. “A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting as well as maintenance […]

Introducing our new release CENTAURI

We are excited to announce our version 6.0 release, named CENTAURI. In this release are behind-the-scenes changes, including an upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5 and a database change from MySQL to MariaDB. This forms the foundation for lots of great, new modules already in development. Also in this release is a graphics facelift. Our new […]

ZRA certifies another ResRequest customer

The Zambian Revenue Authority put us through our paces and another ResRequest customer is certified. The Zambian tax authorities require that any business producing Tax Invoices from a computer system, has to have their specific use of the system certified. This certification means that VAT registered customers are able to claim input VAT supported by such […]

New web app tracks the great wildebeest migration in real-time

Want to know where the wildebeest herds are? People planning to travel to Kenya and Tanzania for the Great Migration can now track one of nature’s most spectacular events even before they get there – via a web application called HerdTracker. Created by Discover Africa, a leading tailor-made safari operator based in Cape Town, HerdTracker plots […]

East Africa E-Tourism 2014 conference experience

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes I arrived at Nairobi airport greeted by bright yellow walls and friendly customs attendants shouting ‘Jambo, Jambo’. I reminisced on my Kenya trip 9 years ago when we installed ResRequest at Governors’ Camps. At the time our greatest challenge was the modem dial up contending with at least 4 other voices […]

The Mamma Gogo initiative

We are running alongside a creative outreach called the MammaGogo Initiative. Adventure through art – The aim is to: Explore the creative potential of communities across South Africa and potentially Africa through a the medium of a creative outreach program. Document the diverse heritage of her people and the expression of her culture by means of a photo journal Engage communities (including those on social media) to […]

Are you interested in a direct link to Africa’s finest properties?

Our interface product, ResConnect, offers you stock, rate and availability access to Africa’s most luxurious and remote destinations. This service is now available FREE. ResConnect links Agents, Tour Operators and Online Travel Channels to ResRequest inventory, rates and bookings. • Quick and Easy Setup • View Availability & Rates • Create Bookings Electronically How to […]

CRM: Using ResRequest to care for your customer

So you know that caring for your customer is the secret to a successful sales pipeline and it all seems easy when you lean back in your chair conjuring up puffy pink clouds with dollar signs, happy tourists blabbing on Facebook, and shareholders clapping you on the back. A pretty picture, until you realise how […]

Customer management: ResRequest starter pack

Communication with your customers is critical to the success of your business. With ResRequest you can setup and report on your customer histories, profiles and events. To communicate effectively with your customers, it is important to understand their preferences, and your history together. This requires recording and tracking information before, during and after the sales […]

Monitor guest satisfaction | CRM: eGuestSurv

Written by Diversified Technologies eGuestSurv, developed by Diversified Technologies is a web based 360 degree total Guest Satisfaction Management solution. The system addresses the needs to obtain continuous, high quality, real time, actionable and distributed guest feedback and the needs of customers to provide feedback to businesses in a convenient online and reliable method. eGuestSurv is an […]

Technology trends in tourism

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes A few weeks ago I consciously unplugged from the matrix to join this year’s e-Tourism Summit. It felt great to be unplugged. I actually watched the air hostess mechanically deliver her flight-crash-pitch – which reminded me to quickly sneak in a 5 minute Google to confirm if there would be any […]

The 6th Annual E-Tourism Africa Summit in Cape Town | ‘Be smart, be real, be bold’

The 6th Annual E-Tourism Africa Summit, sponsored by South African Tourism, brought together all the brightest and the best to share ways of harnessing digital technology and social media to grow the tourism industry. This year’s event, which took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on the 9th and 10th of September, attracted […]

Business Intelligence for the South African Hotel and Tourism Industry

Written by: About Internet Marketing In any business, it is imperative to collect relevant information in order to accurately take the best possible management decisions. Online businesses are no different. About Internet Marketing | AIM introduces an Advanced Web-Analytics Tool that allows to identify where your online business is coming from and what revenue is […]

Team news | end of 2013

Snippets of the movements and news of the team from the last quarter of 2013… Baby Benjamin Soper, son of developer Nick, arrived in September – the 4th ResRequest baby to be born this year. Read more

Project Luangwa

South Luangwa in Zambia is a magical destination for a safari holiday and its beauty and wildlife leave a lasting impression long after you’ve returned home. But it can be harsh and unforgiving too, especially for the local people. Most are subsistence farmers who live side by side with Luangwa’s wildlife but whilst wild animals […]

Do I need an app to connect to my market?

Written by: Immedia With over 6 billion mobile subscribers, the digital marketplace and the way audiences consume media have changed. With the ability to consume media at their leisure, consumers are now in control what they search for, how they interact with media and to what extent. If both the consumer and the technology they use […]

ResRequest Interface | Online credit card payments

When our customers research options for online payments, I find there are a few common questions they often ask me. These questions are included below to help you, as you workshop this strategy for your lodge. How does ResRequest handle credit card payments? ResRequest offers two online booking options. Each of these options can generate […]

Online credit card payments: ResRequest Starter Pack

Offering credit card transactions on your website is a convenient, time-saving, secure method of accepting payment for your stock. The ability to accept credit card payments on your site is a critical requirement to selling your stock on the Internet. The ResRequest Credit Card Interface makes this possible. How your customers benefit from credit card […]

Can online payments work for lodges?

Online Credit Card Payments In the past lodges have shied away from online payments citing concerns from “my customer will not understand complex travel logistics”, to concerns like “online payments will take away the personal contact with my customer”, and even “online bookings will create an unrealistic travel expectation”. These concerns are valid and should […]

Team snippets

Our team has grown! There have been announcements, celebrations and new recruits! Natasha Lynn and Mark Bame announced their engagement | TK Madikane introduced us to his beautiful baby girl, Soyama Thakasa, which means be happy/content | Paula Chaplin acquainted us with her gorgeous newbie, Sidney Sofia Charlotte and Nick Soper will soon have a junior joining the ranks. And it’s not just […]

Pack for a Purpose initiative

Providing positive presence on the internet Written by Rebecca Rothney Pack for a Purpose (PfaP) is a great way to achieve additional exposure, at no cost, for the community projects supported by your lodge on the Internet. Our NGO is based in Raleigh, NC, in the United States. Our mission is to positively impact communities […]

Online travel channel sales a success!

Those that have been hard at work investing the resources and effort to implement online sales channels have reported sales success! In a relatively short time ResRequest properties have reported that online sales channels have added impressive revenue cream every business owner dreams of. With internet penetration increasing and customers taking to the web, building […]

Financial interfaces | connect to accounts and simplify your business

ResRequest includes powerful capabilities for pricing, invoicing and managing accounts receivable. We advocate that you make full use of these features within ResRequest and use your accounting system for its specialised purpose of keeping your financial accounts. To replicate invoices within your accounting system is a costly overhead, open to error. We offer you the […]

ResRequest interface | point of sale and stock control

Looking for a solution that will help you efficiently manage stock reordering? Give you control over your sales? Reduce threats such as fraud? A Point of Sale system with Stock Control is the answer. ResRequest clients benefit further by automatically recording sales on guest invoices for integrated invoicing and fast, efficient check-outs. Historically Point of […]

Team snips | beginning of 2013

This year has been off to a running start and we have many projects on the go, along with new developments. We are not only growing in productivity but also in number. We were as excited as the proud parents when Jack was born on 22nd of January. Congratulations to Dylan Bridgman and Daniela on their first gorgeous babe! […]

Making a difference further a field

TUJATANE “Let us all hold hands together” – Tongabezi Trust School  After Mike’s recent circuit trip to Zambia he spent time with a charity initiated by one of our Zambian clients, Tongabezi. We wanted to make a difference and have sent a donation for the school to purchase some much needed educational games and supplies. […]


This year has seen a number of our team members fashioned into superheroes, inspiring Jill to write a superhero poem. SUPERHERO As a kid I always wished that superman I’d meet, he’d catch me when I was falling and gallantly return me to my feet. His bulging muscles beneath his shirt would help make me real […]

Online connections | What’s available?

Reaping the benefits of online booking channels sounds appealing until you hit the Google search button. The vast volume of results leave most people feeling intimidated or exhausted before they even click ‘Next’.  As the online inventory and availability distribution hub, ResRequest plays a key role in working with our channel and technology partners and […]

iBooks | The Evolution of the Brochure

Written by: Immedia You might have noticed the increase in smartphones and e-book readers recently when walking through the mall, or shuffling down the airplane aisle. You may have seen your clients or friends no longer using their phone solely to make calls, but also to take notes, to diarise appointments and to capture high-res photos. Our mobile […]

The importance of documented reservations procedures

  By: Paula Chaplin As the somewhat gruesome adage says, there is more than one way to skin a cat – and this is especially true of handling Reservations in ResRequest. There are some procedures that you need to define for your company, and write-up for your staff to follow – to ensure consistency in […]

New reports | financial analysis reports

Written by  Mike Coppinger Over the years we have produced a number of reports that present views of business performance from varying perspectives. While all of the different perspectives have value, occasions arise when it would be useful to combine elements from different reports. Furthermore, over the past year our new rates module has introduced […]

Effective management | Are you looking at the Reports you need to?

Written by Paula Chaplin One of ResRequest’s most advanced tools is the capacity for detailed and flexible reporting on pretty much anything you could imagine needing, to run your company effectively. Are you making the most of this feature? If not – you have effectively bought a brand new Landrover with a 5-litre engine to […]

Team snips 2012

From left to right: Paula Chaplin strengthens the consulting team. | Chirlaine Viljoen joins our Call Centre team to replace Denelee, who has left to be a full time mom. | Natasha Lynn has joined us to run communications and special projects. | Developer, Dylan Bridgman and Daniela are excited that they will be meeting with their first baby in January. | Not even load shedding could […]

End of 2012 team highlights

This year’s end of year bash involved team building activities and a delicious lunch in an idyllic setting. We had fun witnessing each other under very different circumstances, and exercising huge amounts of motivation and team spirit while using our brains and brawn. Presentations included a 5 year service award to our call centre heroes Nomfundo Magagula […]

Making a difference in our community

Inspired by Mike and Jill’s passion to “give back”, our team wanted to find a way to help our community. Close to our offices in Kloof, we located The Neema Foundation, where we knew immediately that we could add value and impact children’s lives positively. The Neema Foundation Trust was born out of a passion […]

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