Business Intelligence for the South African Hotel and Tourism Industry

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In any business, it is imperative to collect relevant information in order to accurately take the best possible management decisions. Online businesses are no different.

About Internet Marketing | AIM introduces an Advanced Web-Analytics Tool that allows to identify where your online business is coming from and what revenue is generated!

The tool collects real-time data 24/7/365 on every movement on your website and records the exact values of each booking, allowing you to see where your business originates from and enables you to maximise your online Return of Investment.

We can integrate the advanced web-analytics tool with any website and most hotel booking systems, like for example ResRequest.

The tool’s functionality is way beyond any free tool like Google Analytics as it allows to identify the value stream, in other words which channel generate the most traffic and the highest revenue on your booking engines. The dashboard is clearly structured and captivatingly easy to use.



4 top reasons to go for it:

1.  Exact Dynamic Sales Revenue Tracking segmented by online channel – customer behaviour tracking;

If you have a booking engine on your website offering hotel rooms online, the value of every booking is different. Our tool is able – other than Google Analytics – to track the exact revenue from its very origin until the final booking has been done, i.e. mapping the complete value chain of any campaign or to identify relevant marketing patterns.

2.  Detailed information about every person who visits your website;

The tool gives insight into literally any type of information, not only where visitors come from but also what kind of hardware and monitor size they are using, how they found you and moved about on your website (incoming link, visitor path analysis, outgoing link).

3.  Heat-maps on website pages segmented by goals, split channels or visitor sessions;

This feature records the clicks a visitor does on a webpage. It is an extension of the customer behaviour tracking. Do visitors see what they are supposed to see and do they click/move where they are supposed to click?

4.  Track top visited pages, exit pages and outbound links

It is important to know if the top pages are really tops, when/where visitors are leaving your website or if your outbound links are more attractive than the content of your own webpage. With our tool you can find out.

The Advanced Web-Analytics Tool captures information that you need to:

  • Increase Online Revenues
  • Decrease your cost per customer acquisition
  • Maximise the number of users who take your desired action
  • Get to know and serve your users better
  • Write more effective ads
  • Track effects of all your online and offline marketing campaigns and
  • Compare yourself within the industry

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Can online payments work for lodges?

Online Credit Card Payments

In the past lodges have shied away from online payments citing concerns from “my customer will not understand complex travel logistics”, to concerns like “online payments will take away the personal contact with my customer”, and even “online bookings will create an unrealistic travel expectation”.

These concerns are valid and should be addressed. In fact they are already being addressed by pioneer lodges and travel sites like Expedia and Agoda. These businesses consider lodge stock sales as a feasible market and they are addressing sales challenges through packages, site content and seriously (seriously!) rigid booking terms and conditions.

If a customer can look, book and pay for a holiday to a lodge on a travel site, what’s stopping you from offering the same service on your own site? Answer that question and you may find it’s easy to put plans in place to direct your online customer to book on your own site.

Implementing online payments on your site caters for the customer who understands logistics, or a customer who is prepared to find out details after they have committed to the sale. It caters for the repeat guest, international guest, business guest and the impromptu buyer. Your online shopper has an inherent trust in web content and your brand, they have researched you on Tripadvisor, Facebook and other social media platforms. By the time they are prepared to enter their credit card details, they have concluded that you meet their expectations and they trust that you will fill in any gaps for them.

Ignoring online payments may mean you alienate a potentially lucrative market from your business. Why? Because these online customers prefer to shop at a time that suits them, on a device that suits them and they prefer instant (and electronic) response to their quoting and purchasing needs. This customer interprets your personal attention from your e-content such as, your social media posts and your web site content. They expect that you will fill in any gaps for them, even after their transaction is completed online. And if you don’t cater to their shopping preference – they will likely close your web page and find someone in your area who does.

Offering credit card transactions is a necessary service for this customer because it provides them with a convenient, effective time-saving method of processing payment, in a secure environment.

To find out specifics about how ResRequest can help you with online payments, take a look at our ResRequest online payments starter pack.

Online travel channel sales a success!

Those that have been hard at work investing the resources and effort to implement online sales channels have reported sales success! In a relatively short time ResRequest properties have reported that online sales channels have added impressive revenue cream every business owner dreams of.

With internet penetration increasing and customers taking to the web, building a strong online sales strategy appears to be a lucrative strategic investment for ResRequest properties. There are several options available to our ResRequest customers which we have documented in our Online Options Book. One aspect of an online sales strategy is investing in online sales channels. These channels are websites who act as web-based travel agents. Their entire focus is on finding ways to attract keen buyers to their websites in order to make a sale.

In the past, availability, rates and bookings were manually co-ordinated between the channel and the property and only big hotel chains could invest in automating business with channels. This has changed with the introduction of interfaces between reservation systems. We are now able to communicate electronically and automatically send availability, rates and bookings from ResRequest to these channels through our connector module.

Our clients were cautious with their approach to this new sales area until the end of last year when a few pioneer ResRequest properties invested resources, time and patience into an online channel strategy. In a few months these properties established relationships with online vendor agents such as Expedia, Agoda and They setup the ResRequest channel connector module and started working with their vendor partners to ensure that they get the best return on their channel investment.

Soon after this effort, rumblings of unprecedented earnings reached our ears and we enthusiastically celebrated our client’s successful forage into this exciting new revenue stream.

By now you’re either dreaming of creamy financials or salivating over your keyboard and waiting for the sign pointing toward the holy grail. So here it is, the key ingredients you will need for this new sales model are: your resources to setup and manage this channel strategy (remember this takes time and effort), a connection between ResRequest and the channel, and a relationship with each channel.


Let’s review each of these ingredients closer.


To get value from this new revenue stream, you will need to invest the resources, time and patience to manage your channels.

I can almost hear you sigh saying: “I thought you said this was ‘online’?” And I did say online, but online channels are just an ‘e’ version of a travel agent. You are the product, the channel is the agent and ResRequest electronically connects your data together.

You are still ultimately doing business with a company that has specific rules and methods of working. The electronic connection is simply automating the detailed data lookups. You still need to nurture relationships, negotiate rates, manage specials and stay in touch with your channel partner so that you can be sure to deploy all the tricks to get your property listed at the top of their search engine!

The technical connection between the channel and ResRequest is just one part of others needed to make this work for you. Properties who have seen success from their online channels are the properties that have allocated resources internally to develop and deploy a channel strategy. They have recognised that like any sales strategy, dedication and effort are required to make it work.


ResRequest has developed a connection bridge to three connector partners: Nightsbridge, eRes and SynXis. Each of these connector partners distribute your data to a host of channels and travel websites.

The diagram below illustrates how your ResRequest data electronically reaches your channel partner.



Even with a connector in place, there are still data setups that need to be managed in both the connector partner and the channel partner’s system. This is another reason an allocated resource is necessary!

There are a host of channels available through each ResRequest connection partner. Some of these channels are for listed searches only while others deal in online availability and sales.

Two of the most successful channels amongst our pioneer properties are Expedia and Agoda. We contacted these popular channels to find out who our lodges can talk to in order to become more familiar with the type of business they can bring you and how they work. To find out more about what these renown channels can offer you, click the links below:

See our detailed Channels List for a list of channels offered by our channel managers.

Remember that you will need to establish a relationship with each channel you choose to do business with. That allocated resource should also fill this role perfectly!

What does it cost me?

Along with investing resources in this project, be prepared for connection fees and, of course, the channel commission. The general price expectation is: (Your Resource & Time) + (ResRequest Connector Fee + Channel Manager Fee) + the Channel’s Commission.

Here is a breakdown of these costs:


These prices are subject to change and should be confirmed by the respective vendor.

What next?

If you are interested in taking the next step, contact our Call Centre so that we can talk you through the process.


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Online connections | What’s available?

Reaping the benefits of online booking channels sounds appealing until you hit the Google search button. The vast volume of results leave most people feeling intimidated or exhausted before they even click ‘Next’. 

As the online inventory and availability distribution hub, ResRequest plays a key role in working with our channel and technology partners and customers to identify online booking options that clients can embrace, turning this online challenge into an exciting opportunity.

To help you kickstart your blueprint to success, we have identified the online booking options available to you, their pitfalls, successes and general industry trends.


Channel Options

Your website. Your investment in a great web design is to excite customers about your product and lead them to buy. Once your customer has made a commitment to purchase, they ask for price and availability, which culminates in a sale. For this reason close to 90% of our clients proactively engage in showing rates and availability on their website.

Luxury / remote lodges are less confident of the value of creating bookings and processing credit cards directly from their website. Reasons for look-to-book reluctance includes fears that guests will not be able to arrange complicated transfers. In addition lodges are concerned that automating bookings sidesteps the value of building a relationship between the customer and their product. To top these concerns, many lodges are wary of how partner agents may react to them openly targeting the direct market.

As a result of all these concerns, we see a more cautious approach to creating bookings online, resulting in clients favouring availability displays with an easy-to-use enquiry form.

However, over the last year we have seen an increase in creating bookings with close to 5% of our clients implementing this functionality on their website. We believe that, even though lodge consumers may continue to need personal interaction with reservation offices or agents, over the next 2 years online bookings will become an expected norm from direct and travel trade.


Your business partners. Over time, marketing groups have formed with the objective of stimulating travel in niche markets. Some of these groups are commercial ventures, while others are informal associations born from like-minded neighbouring properties. This year saw an increase in interest for marketing groups and regional availability, where independent / neighbouring properties are interested in publishing availability on a collaborative web-page. Approximately 5% of our clients now participate in this type of online channel. This is a market sector that is growing in popularity and benefits both direct guests and travel trade.


Specialist agents. Ask any agent or tour operator and they will tell you that a large portion of their success is the skill with which they are able to quickly prepare a customised itinerary. Giving specialist agents access to your stock means that agents are able to prepare and respond to requests for quotations faster then their competitors. More then 70% of our clients allow agents to access stock through our agent module, with close to 3% allowing agents to create bookings.

To enable agents with their own systems to electronically extract rate and availability from multiple clients, we have developed an auxiliary product, ResConnect. Approximately 90% of our clients have established relationships with our agent partners who use ResConnect.


Mass market channels / Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Travel sites reported significant 2011 revenues: Expedia $3.45 billion, Amadeus at E2,7 billion. With revenues like these it is understandable that every hotel would love to tap into those markets. So why are lodges cautious of tapping into these very lucrative channels?

Lodges have many concerns with these channels. Concerns include the effect of boycotts by specialist travel agents and tour operators. Lodges also fear that channels will create a price war climate that will ultimately result in cheapening their products and forcing rack rates to drop. In addition lodges have logistical fears that these channels have no concern for the guest’s knowledge or ability to transfer to and from complicated, remote locations. There is also a fear that web-savvy consumers receiving an unexpected experience will complain on public forums such as Tripadvisor and Twitter, tarnishing a lodge’s reputation.

It is clear that the lodge industry have not yet understood if and how this market sector could be valuable to them. Among our clients we see 3 opinions: clients who are adamant this sector will not work for them, clients who are cautious but tempted to experiment and clients who embrace these channels as a new type of agent.

Despite these fears, this year we have seen our first 16 properties tap into these channels. Early evidence suggests that once the connection is established, marketing effort is then required to ensure that trends and product pricing align with each partner site’s requirements, to ensure that the lodge will be listed high in relevant searches.



“Where does ResRequest fit in?”
Each channel option requires a specific strategy and project plan and ResRequest is an integral part of this strategy. To demonstrate where ResRequest fits in and how you can use the online Channels available to you, we have created a Connections starter document. Please download this file for more information.

“Do the bookings roll in once I’m connected?”
A common misconception about online channels is that because they are automated, they will generate business immediately. This is a myth, marketing effort is required to manage and understand how to sell bednights effectively on each channel.

Approach this as a completely new way of promoting your product by investing in managing and understanding each connection model, and they will become exciting new opportunities to sell bed nights.

For consulting advice on setting up online channels contact our support centre:


The importance of documented reservations procedures


By: Paula Chaplin

As the somewhat gruesome adage says, there is more than one way to skin a cat – and this is especially true of handling Reservations in ResRequest. There are some procedures that you need to define for your company, and write-up for your staff to follow – to ensure consistency in the way your company handles Reservations. For instance – do you have written procedures that cover:

  • Cancellations,
  • Waitlists,
  • Refunds,
  • Documentation (what information you show on the Reservation Summary, Proforma, Tax Invoice and Itinerary – and what each of those documents is for),
  • How you name your reservations,
  • What information you need to gather for bookings, which could affect statistics and the effectiveness of your marketing (e.g. guest names, source of booking, originating agent, etc.)

If not – you should seriously consider doing so. This is something we can assist you with if you’re not sure where to start.

Having your Reservations Procedures written down ensures consistency and the perception of professionalism, but also, and possibly even more importantly, diminishes the damage done to your business by the inevitable learning curve of new staff.

For consulting assistance, please contact our consulting team at: