Effective management | Are you looking at the Reports you need to?

Written by Paula Chaplin

One of ResRequest’s most advanced tools is the capacity for detailed and flexible reporting on pretty much anything you could imagine needing, to run your company effectively. Are you making the most of this feature? If not – you have effectively bought a brand new Landrover with a 5-litre engine to drive to the corner shop once a week…(Apologies to all Landcruiser aficionados for the analogy).

Our new Financial Analysis report allows you to look at revenue and occupancy in an almost endless variety of ways. You can let us know if you need help familiarising yourself with this incredible tool.

You often ask what reports you should be looking at – and that’s a very difficult question to answer en masse, without knowing a little more about what information you’re looking for, and, more specifically, what business question you are trying to answer – i.e.:

  • Is it for marketing purposes?
  • Do you need to know when you can afford to build that new camp?
  • Do you want to check on the performance of your team?
  • Do you need to report to your superiors on the effectiveness of your management role by comparing this year to previous years?
Whatever your reporting requirements are, ResRequest can give you the information you need. Just think about what information that is, why you need it, and who is going to use it – and we can assist you in setting up Report Profiles to pull that information from the system.

To find out when a trainer will be in your area, please email our training team at: training@resrequest.com

For general assistance on reports, please email our call centre at: support@resrequest.com

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