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Written by Mike Coppinger

ResRequest includes powerful capabilities for pricing, invoicing and managing accounts receivable. We advocate that you make full use of these features within ResRequest and use your accounting system for its specialised purpose of keeping your financial accounts. To replicate invoices within your accounting system is a costly overhead, open to error.

We offer you the facility of producing your official tax invoices and your payment receipts within ResRequest and exporting the contingent financial journal entries to your accounting system.

Posting of the financial entries from ResRequest to the accounting system is done by batches in either of the following ways:

  1. Summary values of totals posted to each account over a period of time (e.g. day / week / month) may be printed and then entered as a manual journal entry into the accounting system.
  2. Batches of detailed transactions may be exported, then imported electronically into any of the following systems:

In addition to the time saving inherent in not replicating invoices, benefits of utilising the financial interface include:

  • Defining the rate breakdown and tax implications of your rates in one place only. This is accomplished by effective use of the ResRequest rate components.
  • Having all Accounts Receivable information available in one system, with seamless ‘click through’ to progressive levels of detail from the Customer Statement right down to the individual rate components on a specific invoice.
  • Utilising the contacts database within ResRequest for direct emailing of invoices and statements to customers.

We will be pleased to provide a ResRequest consultant to work with you through the process of implementing the financial interface.

The implementation process consists of translating ResRequest financial elements (rate components, extras, tax rates, etc.) into the language of the accounting system (GL codes, cost centres, etc.), training you on how to use the interface functions and defining operational procedures.

To initiate your financial interface, please contact our Call Centre to advise you on the next steps.

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