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Written by  Mike Coppinger

Over the years we have produced a number of reports that present views of business performance from varying perspectives. While all of the different perspectives have value, occasions arise when it would be useful to combine elements from different reports.

Furthermore, over the past year our new rates module has introduced completely new financial dimensions by enabling the use of an unlimited number of rate groups (Adult, Child group 1, Child group 2, etc.) and an unlimited number of taxes that may be applied to a rate component, e.g. VAT, Concession fee, Tourism levy.

These factors motivated our decision to create two new financial reports that effectively cover the spectrum of the existing Bed nights, Sales Analysis and ‘Sales by…’ reports, whilst also incorporating the new rates attributes.

In building these reports we have taken advantage of the opportunity to apply and enhance ResRequest’s report building capabilities. This means that you have a high degree of control over what data is contained in your report, and how it is presented. The result is an extremely powerful and flexible reporting tool that is capable of providing invaluable insight into your business performance.

A consequence of the high degree of flexibility is that it is possible to structure reports that, at first glance, do not appear to be sensible. We therefore strongly recommend that you take advantage of a couple of hours of training when one of our trainers is in your area.

The following diagram presents a summary of the key report functionality.


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