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Rates | price right and save

Contact our Call Centre to schedule your rates setup with us today Many clients issue next year’s rates around Indaba. Should you require assistance to load your rates onto your system, then please send them to us as soon as they are finalised to avoid any delay. On that note… When setting your Rates there are some […]

Tour Radar | Booking tours made easy

Want to sell your own tours? TourRadar, the web and mobile marketplace for group travel has launched a payment and messaging platform connecting small/medium sized tour operators with customers. Now with 20,000 bookable multi day tours TourRadar boasts the largest unbiased selection on the web. Adventure travel news Specialising in multi day tours, particularly 7-10 […]

Centricity | Guest Surveys, Online Reputation Management, Image Library

Centricity provides three separate solutions to the hospitality industry – Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Online Reputation Management and an Image Library solution.  Through an integration with ResRequest you can automate the sending of post-stay guest surveys and receive high quality guest feedback and comments in real time. In addition to guest surveys, Centricity also help hotels to monitor and […]

Periscope | The world through someone else’s eyes

Written by Jill Bennett-Howes Cool advancing tech For two years the theme at tourism and social media conferences is clear – the world wants to watch videos. Come to think of it probably 15% of my week is spent watching videos on my YouTube channel and my Twitter and Facebook feeds! With video being the […]

Love your agent

One of the major advantages of moving away from an excel booking sheet and onto a central reservations system as sophisticated as ResRequest is that you can leverage your availability to increase sales. We know that the online realm can be a little bit alarming – and knowing how much access to give and to […]

The Giant Flag

We’ve got behind a creative initiative with monumental potential which we will follow and share with great interest. We became a part of the flag by picking to plant red hot blooded desert roses aka the Fire Barrel. The Giant Flag is a legacy project of vast proportions, a celebration of the spirit of South Africa […]

On safari in the Congo

Written by: Carrie Hampton alias the SAFARI TART! Seasoned travellers will be interested in the Odzala Discovery Camps in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park of the remote north of the Republic of Congo’s river basin. It’s the world’s second largest tropical rainforest after the Amazon, and one of the earth’s largest lungs, playing an essential role in global climate control. The region has been a National […]

Star Wars characters renamed

Every year we pick a creative way to highlight and celebrate the team. Since many of our geeks are Star Wars fans and with the release of the latest film, Jill cast our team. Check out our motley crew’s profiles. If you want to know what we really look like – visit our team page.

Our growing team

We are thrilled to share about the newly appointed members to our growing team. This year we welcomed six new staffers to our family. Jen Coppinger is contributing to user interface graphics, user guide material and social media. Alex Moore strengthens the call centre by assisting with data capture, while Angie Geringer supervises product support. […]