Sheldon Venter is officially the tallest guy in the office – can we hire taller? Only time will tell. Sheldon applies his trade in the Dev team as a tester.

 Sheldon celebrates his birthday on the 21st of Feb – his favourite birthday treat is chocolate brownies. The best thing that ever happened to Sheldon was when he became fully independent. Sheldon’s favourite tech item is his PC which he claims he spends the most amount of time with. Sheldon loves people who are just plain straight with him – I’m sure we will put Sheldon to the test!  


Sheldon’s role model is his aunt who was able to start a business when she was 18. Let’s hope that Sheldon’s aunt is not in the same line of business we’re in – he could possibly be a secret tester agent.

Sheldon also loves cats, winter and pizza – so its a no brainer that he will fit right in..