What is ResConnect?

ResConnect is ResRequest’s API. By developing to our API – Agents, Tour operators and Online Travel Channels, are able to integrate their online platforms with ResRequest properties’, accessing their inventory and rates and can even make bookings.

External systems can access the information of multiple ResRequest customers through a single account.

What is ResConnect

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What connections are available

Tour operating systems

Tour operating systems give hundreds of agents access to view and book properties from ResRequest customers. However, this is only possible if they have been granted permission to do so. ResRequest currently has a connection to Tourplan, Wetu, Travelyst, GranIT Safari and Travelogic and there are always other software integrations in the development pipeline.

Tour ops systems

Specialist agents

Specialist agents like Expert Africa, Bushtracks Expeditions, Go2Africa, African Eagle and Wilderness Safaris have developed a direct system to system connection to ResRequest using ResConnect. As agents recognise the power in this connection, more and more have signed up to ResConnect to make it possible to sell Africa’s finest properties using their in-house business tools.

Specialist agents

Channel managers and OTAs

Through ResConnect there are connections to Channel Managers and OTAs which enable ResRequest customers to distribute stock on numerous online booking platforms. ResRequest has direct connections to Channel Managers, SynXis and NightsBridge, and OTA, Expedia, with more to follow.

Channel bookings

Direct bookings

ResRequest customers can receive direct bookings via their websites by using our booking plugin, ResNova, or creating their own by developing to our API. See our Develop a connection to ResConnect guide for more information.

Direct bookings
ResRequest report

Working with API bookings

Once you’ve activated booking connections to ResConnect agents – reservations are automatically recorded in your ResRequest system and allocated a booking number. These are highlighted in a report for internal ResRequest users to easily identify and manage.

How to sign up

Whether you’re a third party system wanting to connect to properties using ResRequest or are a ResRequest customer wanting to connect to other channels, just contact the ResRequest Support team who will assist with getting you set up.

ResConnect sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

Our property owners supply hundreds of properties to buyers and to ensure that buyers have an optimal experience, we have made two options available. Firstly, buyers can either request manual login credentials to access ResRequest systems from our property owners. Or, if they already have a software application, or are in the process of developing one, to manage their bookings, we can provide them with electronic access to these systems.

ResConnect is our partner network initiative with travel agents, OTAs and tour operators, who have developed a direct connection to our API. They are able to utilise a connection to our API to interface their platforms with ResRequest properties, accessing inventory, rates and making bookings.

If you are a ResRequest customer (supplier), you are automatically able to connect your stock to any of our ResConnect Partners (agent / buyers), should both you and the partner be interested in working together.

Yes, we do connect to tour operating software vendors. A tour operating software vendor, however, first needs to pass a certification audit with our team in order to be considered a ResConnect Partner Vendor.

When the certification audit is complete, agents (buyers) using this software will still need to contact our customers (suppliers) to initiate the connection. A user account is setup in our customer’s ResRequest system, which then defines what that agent can electronically access in regards to availability and rates, and if that agent can make bookings. Connections to tour operating software partners update frequently, feel free to reach out to our support team if you would like an updated list of tour operating software partners.

An OTA (Online Travel Agent) allows you to book flights and/or transfer tickets, holiday packages, rooms and pretty much most of the ‘must-book’ essentials for a seamless holiday. This can all be done from anywhere, simply with a bit of data and a phone or computer. As a ResRequest customer, you can leverage your availability on big OTA platforms like Expedia and Booking.com, which then act as your channel partners.

Channel managers offer software that distribute stock from hotels, lodges and B&Bs to websites that enabling sales to online bookers. ResRequest partners with channel managers such as Nightsbridge and SynXis, which then act as channel connectors between the ResRequest systems and channel partners.

The great thing about offering online bookings is that all the bookings made on these platforms are simultaneously created in your ResRequest system. These bookings appear in a ‘Request received’ report until an internal consultant takes ownership of them.

You can then proceed to manage these online bookings, exactly the same way you would manage a booking made directly in your ResRequest system.


The use of the API is completely free. If there are, however, any additional development requirements, this will be billed at our custom development.

Each Agent connection is charged at our standard hourly support rate, and so is any additionally required rate setups that you would like our team’s assistance with.

Yes, as the ResRequest customer (supplier) you have full control over the level of access that is granted to an agent. This means that they will only see rates and room types allocated to their user profile and they can only look up availability and make bookings, if you grant them that access.

Each ResConnect Partner’s integration is audited, before they are allowed to connect to any ResRequest customer’s system. Prior to setting up a connection between a ResConnect Partner and a ResRequest customer’s (supplier) system, the supplier is contacted to confirm that they are happy for the connection to be set up and also to confirm the level of access that should be granted to the ResConnect Partner in question.

All ResConnect Partners are also required to sign our NDA.

Well this would be completely up to the ResRequest customer (supplier), whose system is being connected to.

As the supplier, you can determine which level of access you would like to extend to each connection as they are set up, but have the option of re-evaluated and reconsidering this at any point in time.

All bookings that are received via the API can be found and managed from within your ResRequest system.

When a ResConnect connection is set up, you (as the supplier) can determine whether you would like to make use of an existing rate that has already been set up, or whether you would like to set up new rates, specifically for the agent/specialist partner.

If a new rate is required, you have the option to set them up yourself or you could simply pass along your query to our support team superheroes.

Our ResConnect brochure

Have a look at our ResConnect brochure to learn more.

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What our customers like about us

“At Expert Africa we breathe a sigh of relief when one of our lodges moves to ResRequest. We know it’s a reliable platform, we know it’ll work well even when comms are challenging, and we know that we’ll easily be able to access their availability information through ResConnect – which speeds up our business of sending travellers to them on tailor-made itineraries.”

“ResConnect gives our African Safari Experts live access to availability and rates information – it makes all the difference to our turn-around speed and helps keep their costed itineraries as accurate and efficient as possible, 24/7/365.”

“ResRequest are revolutionising the African travel industry and fundamentally changing the way that properties can be accessed. At Timbuktu Travel formerly know as Big5 Boutique our mission is to allow people to easily find and compare safaris across Africa and we are very excited about working together.”

“By integrating with ResConnect, Wetu is moving forward in our dream of providing real-time availability, rates information and ultimately live booking for travel consultants. All of this fits with the Wetu philosophy of using technology to empower consultants and keep the human element of travel planning alive. ResRequest’s great reach into remote parts of Africa makes this truly valuable.”

“ResRequest has positively impacted on our business, in terms of enhanced service delivery through swift turnaround times. Our statistics reveal those we share a direct link with have attained an above average growth in support – clearly attributable to the simplicity, ease and immediacy of the direct link booking system. ResRequest allows us to seamlessly and securely book from within our own reservation system – while enjoying full availability and functionality. No delays. Our time can be more efficiently spent in striving for service excellence.

We encourage all ResRequest suppliers to take advantage of this phenomenal tool.”

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