Starterpack: Financial Management

Starterpacks Financial Management

ResRequest’s Financial Management module enables you keep track of your sales financials from a management and operational perspective. It is a module rich in functionality, including:

  • Rates

    Enter your rates to accommodate your high and low seasons, children / adults, tax, tourism levy, agent commissions and even different currencies. Consequently, when you make a reservation, the right rate with the correct accounting attributes is automatically applied.

  • Apply Specials

    Get your bed-nights up by offering those irresistible specials. Define your own Specials and control whether they are automatically or manually applied to reservations during the booking process.

  • Manage Accounts Receivable

    • Control your incoming payments by automatically generating payment plans for both pre-paid and credit customers as well as setting up your bank accounts and cash points.
    • Record your payments directly on your ResRequest reservations and even integrate to a payment gateway, such as 3G Direct Pay or Paygate, to enable credit card payments directly from your system. For more information on credit card payments view our Channel Management module.
    • Keep track of payments due and debtor age analysis for both deposits and invoiced sales.
    • Make and receive payments in multiple currencies.
    • Send customer statements directly from the system.

Set your rates, apply specials, manage accounts receivable and report on your monthly financials

  • Financial Documentation

    Generate branded proforma and tax invoices and send them directly from ResRequest.

  • Reporting

    Create customised reports to analyse and manage past and future sales performance, tax and fee liabilities, revenue distribution and forecast cash flow.

  • Integration

    • Post invoices and receipts electronically into selected accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Evolution, Pastel and Tally. Save time and the potential errors of recapturing accounts manually.
    • Send invoices directly to a fiscal machine, if required.