Starterpack: Financial Management

Starterpacks Financial Management

ResRequest’s Financial Management module enables you keep track of your sales financials from a management and operational perspective. It is a module rich in functionality, including:

  • Rates

    Enter your rates to accommodate your high and low seasons, children / adults, tax, tourism levy, agent commissions and even different currencies. Consequently, when you make a reservation, the right rate with the correct accounting attributes is automatically applied.

  • Apply Specials

    Get your bed-nights up by offering those irresistible specials. Define your own Specials and control whether they are automatically or manually applied to reservations during the booking process.

  • Fiscalisation

    Many countries require electronic certification of invoices and credit notes. Our invoices are designed to automatically integrate with partnered Tax Authorities in countries like Kenya and Uganda. This means tax compliance with these governments is integrated into invoicing making the process quick and easy for accounts and operations teams while achieving the required certification.

  • Manage Accounts Receivable

    • Control your incoming payments by automatically generating payment plans for both pre-paid and credit customers as well as setting up your bank accounts and cash points.
    • Record your payments directly on your ResRequest reservations and even integrate to a payment gateway, such as Xero, Direct Pay Online or Paygate, to enable credit card payments directly from your system. For more information on credit card payments view our Channel Management module.
    • Keep track of payments due and debtor age analysis for both deposits and invoiced sales.
    • Make and receive payments in multiple currencies.
    • Send customer statements directly from the system.

Set your rates, apply specials, manage accounts receivable and report on your monthly financials

  • Financial Documentation

    Generate branded proforma and tax invoices and send them directly from ResRequest.

  • Reporting

    Create customised reports to analyse and manage past and future sales performance, tax and fee liabilities, revenue distribution and forecast cash flow.

  • Integration

    • Post invoices and receipts electronically into selected accounting systems such as Quickbooks, Evolution, Pastel, and Tally. Save time and the potential errors of recapturing accounts manually.
    • Send invoices directly to a fiscal machine, if required.

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