ResRequest University is an initiative we launched in 2019 where we want to target universities, tertiaries, technical colleges, and hospitality schools that offer hospitality as a subject. We want to offer all these institutions the use of ResRequest for their study purposes

What is the ResRequest University programme about?

ResRequest University is our online learning programme which will give your learners a practical, hands-on experience with ResRequest – our central reservation and property management system.

With ResRequest University you can incorporate ResRequest into your existing curriculum by having course material available to you and qualified trainers equipping your Educators to pass this knowledge on.

How does it work?

ResRequest University allows Educators to incorporate ResRequest into their curriculum allowing the learners hands-on experience with a functioning reservation and property management system.

We will give your Educators the tools they need to teach your students the ins and outs of the types of IT systems they may encounter during their career in the hospitality industry. We will also provide your Educators with access to our online ClassMarker tests to enable them to score the learners on the knowledge they have acquired, and produce an industry recognised ResRequest certificate. 

Once you sign up for ResRequest University you get the opportunity for your students to study online. Your educators will be trained directly by ResRequest’s expert training team and have access to continually updated teaching and marking material.

  • ResUniversity
  • Access to ResRequest
  • Training
  • Support
  • Classmarker tests and electronic certificates
  • $1300 per year

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