Starterpack: Customer Relationship Management

Starterpack Customer Relationship Management

To communicate effectively with your customers, it’s important to understand their preferences and your history together. This requires recording and tracking information before, during and after the sales cycle.

How ResRequest fits into your customer management strategy

As your central reservation and property management solution, ResRequest forms a key part of the sales and service cycle and offers a number of contact features that can be incorporated in your customer relationship strategy.

When your customer books and travels with you, a reservation is created in ResRequest, this links the customer to the booking and a transaction history is established. Over time, detailed contact information can be recorded in ResRequest, and sales, marketing and operations teams can incorporate this information into their customer strategy to effectively reach and engage customers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a model for managing your interactions with current and future customers. A CRM system records and tracks business relationship information to successfully orchestrate your sales strategy. 

ResRequest contact components

ResRequest’s contact module is comprised of contact components. Some components provide traditional CRM functionality, such as recording profile information and events, while other components provide supplementary CRM information, such as a contact’s home address and travel history. Information can be recorded and tracked for each component, adding value to your customer relationship management strategy.

  • Organisation & individual

    Contacts can be defined as individuals, with a first and last name, or companies, with a tax number and website.

  • Relationships

    Track relationships between individuals and companies, for example: an agent representing a travel company, or a staff member representing one of your hotels.

  • Sales profile

    Customise your sales profiles to filter contacts based on their business demographics.

  • CRM events

    Record and track details of interactions with your customers.

  • Contact details

    Store details such as telephone numbers, email, postal and physical addresses. Use these details to prepare mailing lists for mail campaigns.

  • Contact roles

    Record and report on information relevant to the relationship with your customer, for example: record payment plans, commissions and preferred rates for agents or store profile, personal preferences, travel history and feedback for your guests.

  • Customer survey

    Track customer satisfaction using an independent, seamlessly integrated, guest survey application.

  • Analyze

    Use ResRequest reports to track and analyse contact data and sales trends. Data can be exported for easy manipulation.

ResRequest CRM

Types of CRM

Knowing your customer’s specialties, their preferences and their history will help you maintain a good relationship through the sales, service and support stages. Managing your customer closely through each of these stages can help to: target your campaign, increasing sales; deliver the customer’s expected service, improving customer satisfaction; and analyse results, increasing repeat business.

ResRequest provides CRM features to cater for all of these stages as well as the two types of customer relationships in your industry: agent CRM and guest CRM.

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